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Young. Innovative. Determined.

our story


As openpack GmbH, we want to change the corrugated board industry sustainably and in the long term with our unique all-in-one platform openpack.

We are developing our new and innovative platform for all partners in the packaging industry.

In addition to the digitalization and networking of industrial machines (Industry 4.0 or IIoT), we standardize data formats and optimize industry processes (e.g., purchasing and sales).

It is THE data, purchasing, and solution platform.

Independent and cross-manufacturer, modern and open.

Our platform openpack connects corrugated cardboard factories, suppliers, software manufacturers, machine builders, service providers, and many more.

This enables data to be exchanged in the factory and systems to communicate smoothly with each other.

To achieve this, we use the entire range of established web & cloud technologies and integrate interested partners and platforms.


With our young, determined team, the right innovative ideas, and our openpack platform, we are driving forward the automation of the corrugated board industry.

Our goal is to make openpack participants more productive and employees' lives easier.

Our Vision

„Making Packaging more Productive“

  • We connect the participants of the industry and enable a common language for all systems

  • As a platform, we enable the central usability of all data for all systems

  • We digitalise all activities along the value chain

  • We simplify, accelerate and automate processes

  • We increase the productivity of our customers and provide added value for all participants

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