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Direct overview of all resource consumption in your plant

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Resource Control represents your digital assistant in the field of resource and energy management. Reduce the effort involved in data collection, increase your transparency and planning security and save costs by digitizing your energy and resource management.

With effective resource monitoring, you reduce costs and use resources sustainably.

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Use available resource data from existing systems. Expand the data base of installed machines and systems through brownfield connectivity with the help of openpack partners. Minimize setup costs through cooperation with IIoT-specialists.

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Individual visualizations for resource consumptions of the entire plant or individual areas. Calculate KPIs, such as kWh per 1000 m2 of produced corrugated board. Design of custom dashboards with various chart types for comparisons and certifications.

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Link resource- with existing machine data, such as speeds or machine status, for deeper analysis and optimization. Connect with order information for a better understanding of order-specific production costs. Reduce costs by identifying excessive consumption.

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Export existing dashboards in different formats (PDF, Excel, PowerPoint) to use for in-house communication or external audits (ISO 50.001, EMAS...). Automated sharing of repetitive reports with colleagues.

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Get your insight!

During a tour of our live demo plant, I will show you the possibilities which openpack offers for your corrugated board plant. During this session, you will learn more about our Digital Factory, Marketplace, and News & Services Store. Are you ready for your digital future?

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