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The openpack Hub is the basis for simple and secure data exchange between previously isolated data silos. It is the foundation for all data exchange on the openpack platform and your central point of contact for connecting, standardizing and using company data across IT systems. With our innovative system, you can seamlessly connect your data sources and benefit from comprehensive standardization – without restrictions on data types and IT systems.

With the defined interfaces for streaming and batch processing in the openpack Hub, you have the option of using your company data easily in business intelligence, machine learning and other applications – regardless of the manufacturer.

More flexible. Smarter. Better.

Cross-manufacturer solutions in just one system.

Connect data-carrying systems once & use as often as you like – with minimal implementation and maintenance costs

Secure infrastructure and the highest security standards for all your data.

Direct use of data in business intelligence and AI applications.

No more manual merging of data from different systems.

Questions? Answers.

What is the openpack Hub?

The openpack Hub serves as a central basis for the collection, standardization and distribution of data on the openpack platform.

Do I have to connect my systems to the openpack Hub myself?

Customers have two options for connecting their systems to the openpack Hub. Firstly, they can carry out the connection themselves. On the other hand, they can rely on partners of the openpack platform to take care of connections or subsequent networking.

Can only openpack solutions be used with the hub?

No! In addition to the openpack solutions offered, such as the Digital Factory or oProcurement, any third-party systems can be connected to the hub via defined interfaces in order to exchange data between them.

What advantages do I have as an openpack user with the hub?

As a user of the platform, you benefit from using the hub as a data hub. This means that all systems only need to be connected to the hub once (direct connections between the individual third-party systems are no longer required). This reduces personnel costs and implementation costs. Once connected, all available data can be transferred quickly and easily to the desired systems. This increases the usability of the data and boosts productivity.

What advantages do I have as an openpack partner with the hub?

For partners, the openpack Hub offers standardized interfaces and data that enable rapid integration of partner solutions and ensure easy scaling to additional plants.

Your production can do more.

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