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Success Story:
On course for success with the openpack Marketplace

FEGA & Schmitt is an important and innovative partner of openpack. The electrical wholesaler believes in openpack’s platform concept and therefore sells its product range via its ‘one-stop shop’. FEGA & Schmitt serves the electrical trade, electrical retail, industry and facility sectors. The success story began in 1943 with the founding of ‘Schmitt Elektrogroßhandlung’ and in 1978 when ‘FEGA Elektrogroßhandlung’ was founded. In 1996, both companies were taken over by the Würth Group and merged in 2009 under the current company name ‘FEGA & Schmitt Elektrogroßhandel GmbH’. The extensive product range comprises over 650,000 items and 36 different categories in the field of electrical engineering.

Marketplace principle

It was through our joint customer Klingele Paper & Packaging Group that openpack came into contact with FEGA & Schmitt and thus the company’s participation in the openpack marketplace as a retailer. The openpack marketplace is well on its way to becoming the industry’s central procurement platform: On the marketplace, users can find everything from spare parts to office supplies that could otherwise only be ordered in many different online shops or even by telephone. It follows the ‘one-stop shop’ principle, which means that users can complete their purchases quickly via one platform and a single, shared shopping basket. In the near future, EDI integration in the marketplace will further optimise the purchasing processes of participating customers and suppliers – with the clear advantage of one platform: being able to communicate with all participating partners with just one connection!

Simplifying the purchasing process

This is how the paths of two companies crossed, both of which have set themselves the task of removing complexity and simplifying purchasing processes – true to the FEGA & Schmitt company motto ‘We make it simple.’

‘So not the classic “order & pay” platform in itself, but rather tackling the topics of machine digitalisation and IIoT in conjunction with the classic MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Operations) range for a specific industry.’ Schruttke is referring to the corrugated board and packaging industry.

Comprehensive range for electrical requirements in the corrugated board factory!

The company’s product range is a profitable addition to the Marketplace portfolio and customers now have access to over 1 million items. The first orders from openpack users have already been placed: openpack customer Klingele has been processing its C-parts requirements in the electrical sector via the marketplace since the integration of the FEGA & Schmitt range. FEGA & Schmitt is even an official pilot partner of openpack for the topic of ‘EDI connection’.

Next steps towards digitalisation

FEGA & Schmitt will continue to rely on openpack’s wealth of knowledge in the areas of digitalisation and software technology. In addition to the Marketplace, more intensive collaboration is also planned in other areas. These relate to the product upgrade box and the topics of post-networking and services for energy consulting. FEGA & Schmitt is currently looking in particular for suitable solutions in the field of preventive maintenance. From the company’s point of view, it is essential to consider processes in the context of preventive maintenance.

The aim is to develop models and solutions that recognise machine anomalies at an early stage so that targeted maintenance measures can then be initiated. With openpack, a partner has been found with whom these goals can be jointly pursued and achieved. FEGA & Schmitt is looking forward to developing industry-specific solutions for its customers with openpack.

Jens Schruttke concludes about the collaboration with the openpack team: ‘We like the fact that we were given the confidence to actively contribute our expertise right from the start, but above all the constructive and cooperative partnership. This is reflected in the professional appearance on the platform. The positive experiences during onboarding for this project make us very keen to work together more intensively.’

‘The collaboration gives us direct access to corrugated cardboard manufacturers. And our range of products and services and openpack’s expertise in the corrugated board industry complement each other very well.’

Jens Schruttke, Member of the Management Board of FEGA & Schmitt

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