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List of services of openpack  GmbH

1. General

openpack GmbH operates openpack, a  platform for customers and suppliers for the trade in goods, services and apps. Registration  on the platform is free of charge for customers and partners.   Applications (platform and partner applications)are available free of  charge  as described in  paragraphs 2 and 3 or for a trial period.   Further  use is possible after an  acquisition of the corresponding service.


2. Platform applications

The following applications are made under your responsibility to the participants of the platform. The benefits are provided according to the description listed.  


a. Digital Factory (DF)

With the Digital Factory, customers can  digitize and manage their installed base (machines) in openpack. This information is then available for other platform applications, so the asset manager is the basis for all applications around the customer's digital factory.


b. Marketplace (MP)

On the MP,  customers can purchase goods  and services  from  participating  vendors.   The purchase of goods is possible for customers without transaction fees. The fee structure for the provision of assortments on the marketplace is regulated separately in the partner contract.

Future planned services with costs for the customer will be supplemented upon deployment by openpack on the marketplace in the service directory.


c. News

In the news application, users can find out about the latest developments and news in the corrugated board  industry. This service is free for all users of openpack.


d. Service Store

In the Service Store of openpack, all products and services offered by partners are made available to users of the platform. Commissions for completed transactions are defined in the partner contract.



3. Partner applications

In cooperation with partners, openpack provides additional applications on the platform. These will be unlocked after being commissioned by openpack or can be booked directly via an app store in the future. Functionality and costs can be taken from the description in the Appstore  or are made available by openpack.


4. Individual services

In consultation with openpack, individual services can also be commissioned. These are agreed on an order-related basis in separate contracts on the scope and costs.


5. New services / extensions of  existing services

Every registered customer is informed when expanding existing services or introducing new services, insofar as the changes have an influence on the basic functionality or the cost structure changes.

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