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  • Smart energy monitoring in your production:

    Like a digital assistant for your resource & energy management – only better.

Track & analyse your energy and resource consumption and identify potential savings

Reduce the effort involved in data collection, increase your transparency and planning security and save costs by effectively digitising your energy and resource management. With openpack, you not only gain insights into your consumption, but also the tools to achieve sustainable savings.

With openpack, you get a comprehensive overview of your energy and resource consumption, combined with your order data. This gives you insight into specific consumption down to the smallest detail, enabling you to identify and utilise all potential energy savings.

Do these problems sound familiar to you?

High energy consumption & costs for electricity & gas

Consumption cannot be allocated

Collection of energy and resource data cumbersome & time-consuming

Higher environmental requirements (Co2 footprint)

Increased & unnecessary consumption not immediately apparent where it comes from

No options for analysing and linking resource and energy consumption in the plant with production data

Missing post-calculation of resource data

Complex implementation of ISO 50001 certification and EMAS

No overview of all energy sources & consumables at the plant

Save up to 18,000 kWh with a single machine!

Achieve energy savings of up to 120,000 kWh with your systems!

Save up to 10 % of the compressed air produced!

Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle (BAFA)

Listed by BAFA:

Resource Control is listed by BAFA to guarantee you maximum quality and reliability.

Integrated Features

Tool Set

Live View

Monitor your resource consumption in real time and gain instant insight into your operations.


Gain detailed insights into the resource consumption of the entire plant or individual company divisions, according to individual requirements.

Condition Monitoring

Be informed & be notified before real problems arise


Export reports in various formats for internal company reporting or external audits.

Coming Soon: Resource Manager

Effective decision-making through data analysis

Reduce costs & utilise resources sustainably
– with effective resource monitoring.

  • Real-time monitoring of your resource consumption & instant insight into your operations

    Real-time data collection enables all users to gain a quick insight into their resource utilisation at any time.

    Through analyses based on the available data, the Live View serves as an early warning system and identifies potential problems at an early stage. React quickly and optimise your use of resources to increase efficiency and sustainability.

    Your added value:

    1. Gain real-time insight into operating processes and monitor resource utilisation
    2. Early warning system identifies potential problems at an early stage based on analyses of the available data, enabling a rapid response and optimisation of resource usage
    3. Immediate action for optimised operating processes to increase efficiency and sustainability
  • Being aware before real problems arise.

    Would you like to be informed in good time about increased energy consumption or other potential problems in your production?

    Our condition monitoring offers the solution: it keeps you and your colleagues immediately informed by e-mail as soon as anomalies occur. This allows you to react quickly and increase your productivity. There are many customisation options – you can configure the function to suit your needs and define your own use cases.

    You can also share the alerts with your colleagues and inform them of the status in real time. This allows you to proactively overcome challenges and maximise the efficiency and sustainability of production.

    Your added value:

    1. Early detection of problems and immediate email notification of anomalies to react quickly and increase productivity
    2. Versatile & customised configuration of notifications to meet your specific requirements and take your own use cases into account
    3. Effective collaboration by sharing alerts with your colleagues to inform them about the status of production in real time
  • Simple & clear: analyse & display historical data at the touch of a button.

    Select all the key figures that are important to you: Efficient reporting and time savings with customisable dashboards and analyses.

    Adapt your analyses to your specific requirements and gain detailed insights into the resource consumption of your entire plant or individual company divisions.

    On this basis, recognise potential for improvement in your production and easily increase your productivity. The generated reports can be quickly and easily shared with colleagues within your organisation and exported (e.g. for internal company reporting or external audits) and drive knowledge sharing.

    Your added value:

    1. Individually select relevant key figures and receive a simple & clear analysis of historical data at the touch of a button. This enables efficient reporting and saves time.
    2. Customisable evaluations for detailed insights into the resource consumption of the entire plant or individual areas of the company
    3. Easily recognise potential for improvement in production and thereby increase productivity

Use Cases:
solve real problems in your production with o.Resource Control

Find out how our solutions are used in day-to-day operations and what results they can achieve.

Resource savings (up to 10 % less energy costs)

By precisely recording energy consumption data, our customers can both optimise the efficiency of their systems and minimise unnecessary consumption. Energy managers, production and maintenance managers can use the solution to create conditions to monitor the rule-compliant shutdown of machines (e.g. at weekends) and reduce energy waste. It also enables our customer employees to monitor the power consumption of the machines, recognise irregularities and identify potential problems at an early stage. In this way, our solution not only helps to increase efficiency, but also helps to cut costs and reduce environmental impact.

Reduction in time and effort for analyses & reports (working time savings of up to 5 %)

Thanks to the easily and individually configurable dashboards and the option of creating automated reports with the most important key figures, the manual work involved in preparing production meetings or energy audits in accordance with ISO 50001 can be significantly reduced.

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