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Digital replica of the plant for full control & transparency with openpack Digital Factory

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Blick in die neue Digital Factory von openpack

  • Digital platform expands range of services for even more control over plant processes

  • 3D live view, creation of an early warning system of intermediate storage overfill, reporting and much more

  • First customers are already using Digital Factory successfully

The online platform openpack brings digitalization directly into the plant: With the newly developed “Digital Factory” by openpack, the employees of corrugated board plants get access to live data and fast analysis tools. An AI-based early warning system will alert them to any malfunctions. The first customers are already using the “digital replica of the plant” successfully and thus simplifying the management of their plant.

The openpack platform creates a digital replica of the corrugated board plant, a digital production assistant, and it enables a holistic digital overview of the entire shopfloor. The platform was launched at the end of 2020 by the team from CIPA GmbH in Weiden, Germany. In openpack all information from the plant is bundled, systems and machines are connected manufacturer-independently and thus a smooth data exchange is made possible. However, not only the entire production process is supported, but all areas and functions of a plant, such as raw material and parts procurement.

The newly developed Digital Factory marks the next stage of evolution: Among other things, the new roll-out is accompanied by a 3D live view into production and extensive evaluation tools. The first customers are already using the new features successfully. Patrick Klee, Head of Digital Factory at CIPA GmbH, explains: “We developed the Digital Factory with the motivation of using openpack to provide even more transparency, clarity, and control in production processes. The level of transparency now achieved gives plant employees a better basis for data and decision-making, and thus more control over their processes than ever before.”

Holistic plant management with an early warning system

In the Digital Factory users get a holistic overview of their corrugated board production. Thereby, a live 3D view of the shopfloor with the status of all machines, warehouse utilization, and KPIs on daily production are just some of the features worth mentioning. In this way, several questions can be answered at once, such as: “Is the production process on track, or are there delays? Are there any unplanned downtimes? Which orders are being produced at the moment or have already been produced today?”

Patrick Klee, Head of Digital Factory der CIPA GmbH

Patrick Klee, Head of Digital Factory der CIPA GmbH: “The Digital Factory gives plant employees more control over their processes than ever before.”

The use of artificial intelligence warns early of intermediate storage overfill, irregularities such as increased power consumption, and bottlenecks in production. This enables an early response before disruptions such as machine breakdowns or overfilled intermediate storage occur.

Another advantage is the easy management of all production information: Thanks to the holistic machine documentation users are able to access all information and documents such as parts lists, circuit diagrams, or maintenance manuals directly in digitized form. They are available at any time, anywhere. This significantly reduces search and response times. A machine-specific overview of all common spare and wear parts with the possibility of ordering them directly online not only saves time-consuming parts list searches but also guarantees one hundred percent accuracy of fit.

Reports directly from openpack

But it is not only live data that helps to optimize production. To reveal hidden potential all historical data can be analyzed and individual reports can be generated quickly. These can stop job analyses considering paper qualities, cross-plant machine comparison, product portfolio analyses (grade analyses), or much more. This enables completely new and individual reports and, in comparison, replaces time-consuming, conventional analysis methods.

Anyone who wants to get to know the openpack Digital Factory can register on the website and create a free account. The openpack team will be happy to answer any questions about using the system for your own corrugated board plant.


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