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openpack on the road to success : Award for the most inspiring new FEFCO member

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Reward for hard work, competence, and perseverance: At this year’s FEFCO Technical Seminar in Copenhagen, the openpack team won one of the highly desired awards for the most inspiring new FEFCO member. In addition to the eventful seminar, interesting presentations, and constructive discussions, the team was able to take away one thing above all: openpack is exactly on the right course.

WE ARE WINNERS – what a fantastic team performance! What an insanely great surprise! None of our team would have ever dreamed that we would take home such a great award. The entire team had worked hard and prepared intensively for FEFCO, but were still absolutely, albeit highly, surprised by the award. At this year’s FEFCO, awards were distributed in various categories. From now on, we can call ourselves the most inspiring new FEFCO member! Despite this success, or perhaps because of it, we will continue to work hard with motivation and commitment to meet the expectations placed on us.

Smart data?

Almost everything in the world revolves around data – especially smart data. But has anyone ever thought about the potential that data harbors and the doors it opens? This year, our Managing Director Dr. Stefan Uebelacker had the honor to give a presentation at FEFCO about the potential of exactly this data! Through this presentation, the audience became aware of the potential that the use of this data enables the corrugated industry and how we as openpack deal with the data. The lecture room was well attended and all participants listened attentively to the explanations of Dr. Stefan Uebelacker.

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