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New partnership: openpack and Enlyze aim to make packaging industry digital pioneers

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

  • According to the Digitization Index1, the greatest decline in digitization (-11.03%) between 2020 and 2022 occured in the "basic materials, chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry".

  • Biggest problem: The industry is still lagging far behind, especially when it comes to digital processes.

  • ENLYZE and openpack work together on data-based optimization of digital processes in production

Cologne/Weiden, 06.07.2023
Industry is among the laggards in digitization, especially in digital processes

The packaging industry, especially the corrugated industry, which has relied on proven production methods and manual processes for decades, is facing major changes and new challenges. The partial lack of automation and digitization today leads to inefficiencies and higher costs.

This is also shown by the current digitization index published by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection: the "basic materials, chemicals, pharmaceuticals" sector, which also includes packaging and plastics, is one of the biggest losers in digitization in 2022 with 89.5 points. Compared to 2020, when it still averaged 100.6 points (105.1), this is a drop of more than 11%.1

Digitalisierungsindex-Änderungen 2022 zu 2020

The industry is losing points in the areas of "business models" and "processes" in particular. In a comparison of companies with "highly digitized processes", the sector is on one of the last places together with the "other" sectors and even shows the greatest decline (-32%) of all industries.1

Anteil Unternehmen mit stark digitalisierten Prozessen (2022 zu 2020)

Figure 2: Comparison of companies with highly digitized processes (Digitization Index 2022)1

More data for more data-driven optimization of processes.

To counteract this, new ideas are needed to optimize processes in a data-driven way and with digital tools. This includes, in addition to the company-wide collection of data (such as product, manufacturing and order data), the networking of all this information to achieve maximum transparency.

openpack, the all-in-one digital platform for the packaging industry, provides the openpack Hub, the central point of contact for connecting, standardizing and using company data across IT systems. Now a partnership has been announced with ENLYZE, which specializes in the digitization of machines, analysis of machine data and process optimization. Together, they want to make the packaging industry more connected and digital.

The partnership between openpack and ENLYZE aims to transform the traditional and still poorly digitized packaging industry and set new standards for efficiency and connectivity. To this end, ENLYZE installs a specially developed edge device on the machines and reads data directly from control units (PLCs) and other sensors, which is then transmitted to the openpack Hub, the core of the openpack platform. Here, the data is standardized and made available for use in the Digital Factory, for example, which is a digital image of the entire production process. The uniform data format enables controlled, fast and secure forwarding to any third-party systems. In conjunction with the Digital Factory, customers can thus not only ensure greater transparency in their production, but also achieve increases in efficiency and productivity.

The all-in-one platform from openpack is complemented by ENLYZE's expertise in data collection and connectivity, resulting in a complete solution for the entire shop floor that meets customers' needs and promotes plant connectivity and digitalization.

Here's what the partners have to say about their cooperation

"At openpack, we have a clear vision: to transform the packaging industry and prepare it for the digital future. The partnership with ENLYZE is a further step on this path and opens up exciting opportunities to meet our customers' needs even better and provide them with optimum support in networking and digitizing their plants. Our offerings complement each other perfectly in this regard."- Patrick Klee (Chief Product Officer).

"We are pleased to have found a partner in openpack that thinks digitization in manufacturing holistically. Their competencies significantly expand our solution. The machine data liberated by ENLYZE thus serves the entire company for data-based decisions. This means that all parts of the company are always up-to-date on what is really happening in production. By working together, we will be able to guide many more manufacturers from the packaging industry through the long overdue digitization.“ - Julius Scheuber (Product Manager)

The partnership between openpack and ENLYZE underscores the commitment of both companies to lead the packaging industry into a new era of digitization through digital innovation and sustainable solutions. Together, they will increase efficiency and transparency, improve production data collection and increase connectivity within the factory.


1Digitization Index 2022: Published by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, Social Media/Online Communications Unit.

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